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Our Mission

Our Total Merchant Systems mission is to provide clients unparalleled customer service, with innovative solutions that bring value to our clients' bottom line.
A Partner You Can Trust
At Total Merchant Systems, we want to be fair to both our customers and ourselves. We want lifetime customers, and as such want to establish a relationship that empowers our customers to reach their full potential through the proper merchant account programs, training, and equipment. Each of our customers receives continuous personal service, from setting up a tailored solution to periodic re-evaluation as their business evolves.
Comprehensive Services
With Total Merchant Systems as your merchant services partner, you can offer your customers a variety of payment options, including:
Visa (Credit & Debit) MasterCard (Credit & Debit)
Online Debit Discover
Diners Club American Express
Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Check Services (guarantee conversion, collection, & recovery)

Gift and Loyalty Cards

ACH Electronic Funds Transfer
Wireless/Cordless and Internet Transactions

Accept Credit Cards at your business or web site with Total Merchant Systems.
Need help understanding what you need to accept credit cards?
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Total Merchant Systems offers credit card processing on virtually every point of sale software platform (PC/cash register based) and almost all credit card terminal types (standalone machines). Point-of-Sale equipment can be leased or purchased, depending on your needs.

Education for Success
As with all great ideas, success lies within the implementation. Did you know your charges vary depending on how you use the processing machines?
Total Merchant Systems provides personalized training for you and your employees, so you are fully aware of the best way to minimize your costs. The training also increases your customer satisfaction, since your employees will spend less time per customer at the register. By respecting your customer's time, your repeat-businesss potential increases.
Simple and Easy
Did you know that you have several merchant service options based on your business needs? See our "Just For Your Business" section as an example of how your business solution can be tailored.
Our experienced Total Merchant Systems agents will guide you through the merchant account process, enabling you to customize a solution for your business needs. Accepting credit cards should help increase your sales and expand your market potential, not cost you money. Your unique business deserves the proper information: the right plan, the right equipment, and the right services.
In addition, your Total Merchant Systems agent will analyze your current processor's statement of existing services and explain your current costs, so you fully understand your bottom line. We will assist you in every step of the way!


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