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Merchant Services for your Mail Order Business

In the Merchant Services industry, Mail Order accounts are needed when a customer sends their payment via mail service, whether the method is cash, check, or credit card. To accept credit card payments in this way, a Mail Order and Telephone Order Merchant Account (MOTO) is required. A MOTO account enables you to collect customer credit card payments without the customer being physically present with their credit card. Accepting credit/debit cards is a critical component for the growth and success of today's mail order businesses.
Not all merchant services plans are created equal when enabling payments for mail order businesses. A reliable, affordable and easy-to-use credit card processing solution is necessary to ensure that your customers are able to make mail order purchases quickly and easily.

A Solution You Can Trust

Total Merchant Systems will customize a solution to your business and customers' needs. We offer many economical solutions for Mail Order credit card processing. With new processing options available from credit card machines to software-based solutions, Total Merchant Systems can meet your merchant account needs as your business grows.
Our credit card processing systems offer address verification (AVS) to help cut down on fraud and any potential losses from non-legitimate card orders. Address Verification Systems (AVS) help reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and/or chargebacks because a credit card billing address is requested with any credit card charge and verified before authorization is given for a customer's transaction.
Our expert staff will assist you in protecting your business from the risk of fraud and chargebacks and act on your behalf to prevent losses before they occur. We offer comprehensive reporting options in a variety of formats from paper statements to secure web access.
At Total Merchant Systems, we understand that card acceptance for your customers is only part of your business. TMS delivers secure and reliable payment acceptance solutions with a wide array of product functionality and support, competitively priced, and designed to meet your unique requirements. Using TMS as your merchant services partner enables your business with a Total service and methodology, and the education to understand why.

Affordable Payment Options

With Total Merchant Systems as your merchant services partner, you can offer your customers a variety of payment options, including:
Visa MasterCard
Visa Checkcard MasterCard Debit Card
Online Debit Discover
Diners Club American Express

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Check Services (guarantee conversion, collection & recovery)
Gift and Loyalty Cards ACH Electronic Funds Transfer
Accept Credit Cards at your business or web site with Total Merchant Systems.
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Total Merchant Systems can offer credit card processing on virtually every point of sale software platform (PC/cash register based) and credit card terminal type (standalone machines). Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment can be leased or purchased, depending on your needs.

How Do I Get a Quote?
Call us at 1-815-207-7535 to receive a lowest cost service quote from Total Merchant System's Total Cost Calculator.


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